Call for Participation: Designing outdoor interfaces for supporting and augmenting playing and learning A one day workshop to be held at the Third ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference, June1st-3rd, 2004, Maryland. Organizers: Yvonne Rogers, Indiana University and Sara Price, Sussex University Much of the focus on developing technologies for children has so far been for indoors use. The advent of affordable, accessible and adaptable handheld, pervasive and wireless technologies is beginning to change this. We are witnessing the emergence of a new genre of technology-mediated playing and learning designed to take place outdoors - be it in the park, the playground, on the bus or other public place. PDAs, mobile phones, tangibles and other mobile devices coupled with wi-fi, satellite and GPS systems are providing us with new opportunities to assemble and design outdoor learning and playing activities for children on the move. One of the potential benefits of moving technology outdoors to support learning and playing is that it encourages children to be more physically active and embodied in their environment. Physical activities, like exploring, searching, running and walking can be coupled with technology-based interactions, like receiving digital information, collecting data, discovering hidden virtual clues and sending messages/images, using various kinds of mobile devices. Moving outdoors, however, poses many challenges for designers and researchers. These include deciding what kinds of physical activities and interactions to couple together and which kinds of technologies to use; what kinds of interfaces to use (e.g. speech, touch screen, audio, graphical) and what kinds of interactions to design; when to deliver digital information and in what form. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for designers and researchers who have begun to develop or who are considering designing novel learning and playing experiences outdoors. Interested participants should submit a position paper between 4-5 pages to [log in to unmask] and [log in to unmask] by April 23rd 2004.