Toshitaka Kumano <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Paul Pukite wrote:
> > To top it
> > off, the main thing to remember is that Ada is becoming a commodity
> > product. Commodity products are things like zippers; you just use them
> > and rarely have to worry, thus fewer references (e.g. How often do you
> > see referenced "Zipper World Today"?).
> I feel inclined to agree, but in current market, the metaphor of zipper
> would not be appropriate.
> Choose and buy RTOS, say, VxWorks or LynxOS, RT linux or so.
> C/C++ toolchain would be available without other costs.
> Alas, Ada compiler would be *optional* with considerable additional cost.

The "cost" for Ada consists of two parts: installation and support.
Installation of the Gnu Ada compiler on most systems consists of
getting the open source distribution and following instructions to
compile it. Installation of other Ada compilers may involve actual

The support for the Gnu Ada compiler does cost money, and is well
worth it.

How good is the support for the C++ compiler? I don't know; I've never
paid for it.

On a reasonably sized project, the cost of ACT support for Gnu Ada is
small. Hmm. Perhaps that just serves to define my notion of
"reasonable" :).

> Zipper cannot be optional :-)

Well, I have buttons on my shirt :).

-- Stephe