On Sat, 10 Jul 2004, Paul Pukite wrote:

"Toshitaka Kumano wrote

>However, such a report in U.S. like
>is enough to persuade managers in Japan that "Ada is Dead or Dying".


Forward this email I am sending to your managers. I am a person
referenced in that article, based on a web page I have been maintaining
over the past 10 years.

If I must tell you one thing: I believe the author Jim Smith lies and
distorts the facts. He puts this quote in his paper "In a related
observation, Paul Pukite notes a dramatic decrease in the number of Ada
articles published by various trade magazines (vice academic journals)
from a peak of 27 in 1995 to 1 in 2002 [Pukite 02]."

I said no such thing. I did not speak to the Jim Smith fellow and I have
not written this anywhere on the web or in any publication. And
bottom-line, I do not believe the statement is even true. You can take a
look at my "Ada in the Trade Press" page (at http://umn.edu/~puk) and
see that the number of papers written is somewhat constant over the
years. But then again even given that statement, I don't pretend to
capture all the papers written that contain Ada references. I used to
look at more trade journals in the past, but with the advent of web
publishing, printed matter is becoming less and less relevant. [..]

Also, consider this: I have received e-mail from Jim Smith in the past.
To whit, this is what I dug off may archives --


I recently received an e-mail from an individual at Praxis Critical
Systems with a list of some of their article which have been published

James D. Smith II ([log in to unmask]) <http://www.sei.cmu.edu/staff/jds/>
< [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>>
Senior Member of the Technical Staff
Software Engineering Institute


So basically, Smith has an agenda and achieves it via dissembling data.
He sent me a friendly email for a new paper to place on my trade-press
page, and then turns around and commits the scientific equivalent of
slander. I have come to expect a kind of sloppiness in reporting from
the technical and mass media, who are often on a strict deadline. But,
to have a "scientific" paper, ostensibly from a reputable organization
such as CMU-SEI, prevaricate like this is particularly loathsome.

I am seriously considering sending a letter to the government funding
agency responsible for sponsoring that CMU-SEI paper outlining my
concerns of serious academic misconduct.

Paul Pukite, PhD, Electrical Engineering
UMN alumni account"

I agree that Dr. Paul Pukite should complain to James
D. Smith II's funders.