From: "Colin Paul Gloster" <[log in to unmask]>

> The application was programmed using the GNAT 1.13p compiler. Free, it cost us
> nothing.

> It's pure RTEMS 4.5 (open source) with gnat 13.10p (the public, free version) on top. Cost zilch."

> Remembering exactly which version of GNAT was used seems to be not happening. GNAT 3.13p would have been about the most recent
gratis version of GNAT available at the time.

13.10p is correct.
10.13 was a spoonerism.
And I even managed to miss the 0, and write 1.13.
Not merely that, but I didn't catch it when I reviewed it.

My sincere and grateful thanks for the correction.

(And by the way, whoever has you as a peer reviewer in a code walkthrough is very fortunate. But you knew that.)