LET-WEB3D: 1st International Workshop on Web3D Technologies
in  Learning, Education and Training

In-cooperation with ACM SIGCHI Italian Chapter

September 30 - October 1, 2004
Udine, Italy

Web site:


      Paper submission:     19 August
      Notification:         10 September
      Final Version:        20 September

New 3D Web technology (such as X3D, VRML, MPEG4, OpenHSF, Java3D,...)
makes it possible to build interactive 3D virtual environments
experienced through the Internet as educational and training platforms.
Simulations allow designers to create extremely realistic
virtual spaces where students can have experiences otherwise difficult
or impossible for practical, financial or safety reasons. By
combining 3D interactive environments, Web technologies, innovative
user interfaces and pedagogical strategies, effective and widely
available approaches to Learning, Education and Training can be
Papers are solicited for a workshop to discuss and study all
the issues involved in building these systems.
Workshop topics include (but are not limited to):

* Applications of Web3D technologies to learning, education and training
* User Interfaces for learning, education and training in 3D virtual
* Student Modeling for 3D virtual environments
* Assessment of Learning in 3D virtual environments
* Tools and techniques to build Web3D applications for learning,
education and training
* Implementation Issues
* Future scenarios for Web3D in learning, education and training

The small workshop format (strictly limited to a maximum of 70
participants) makes it ideal for presenting and discussing
directions for this important area of application of Web3D technology.
To encourage people in participating to the workshop, we plan to have
no registration fees.

Submit papers of length 4-6 pages in PDF format by the required deadline
via the Workshop Web Page.
Papers have to be formatted according to the ACM SIG style.
You can download templates and instructions from

Accepted papers will appear in the informal workshop proceedings.
Contacts are being sought for a possible special issue of a journal,
containing extended and revised versions of the best papers
presented at the workshop.

      * Roberto Ranon, HCI Lab - University of Udine, Italy

      * Luca Chittaro, HCI Lab - University of Udine, Italy

      * Liliana Ardissono, University of Torino, Italy
      * Christian Bouville, France Telecom R&D, France
      * Paul Brna, University of Northumbria, UK
      * Noelle Carbonell, Universite Henri Poincare, France
      * Raimund Dachselt, Technical University of Dresden, Germany
      * Fiorella de Rosis, University of Bari, Italy
      * Holger Grahn, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany
      * Nigel John, University of Wales, UK
      * Jan Kautz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
      * Antonio Kruger, FR Informatik, Germany
      * Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, MIRALab, Switzerland
      * Igor Pandzic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
      * Fabio Paterno', C.N.R.-ISTI, Italy
      * Mark Pullen, George Mason University, USA
      * Roberto Ranon, University of Udine, Italy
      * Ed Sims, VCom3D, USA

Stefano Burigat, Demis Corvaglia, Lucio Ieronutti,
Augusto Senerchia, Milena Serra,
HCI Lab - University of Udine, Italy