Nottingham, UK, September 7-10, 2004


Ubiquitous computing promises a future where computation is seamlessly
integrated with the world around us. Smart objects, responsive
environments and personal technologies for work and everyday life are
all part of this vision. The UbiComp conference is the premier venue
for presentation of research results in ubiquitous computing, with
around 500 attendees from academia and industry. The conference already
has a successful and highly competitive paper presentations track. But
it is not enough to talk about the future world of ubiquitous computing
- it must be seen, felt, experienced!

Therefore, the UbiComp conference this years offers 25 interactive
exhibits that will give you a glimpse of the future. A very
distinguished jury worked hard to select only the most exciting
demonstrations of ubiquitous computing technology. For example:

- A mobile multiplayer game that lets people take advantage of the
limits and gaps wireless networks and positioning systems
- A system for collaborative musical creation on mobile wireless
- A modular textile system that lets you build your own - interactive!
- bag
- Chemical containers which use sensors to cooperatively determine
safety hazards
- A networked scuplture that lets people communicate through the
interface of tears

And much, much more!

For full details see:

See you at UbiComp 2004!

   - Lars Erik Holmquist, demonstrations chair