Hi all,

[said Rod]

> I know that the following have taught SPARK Ada recently
> on advanced software engineering courses - typically those
> concentrating on high-integrity systems or formal methods:
> Virgina (Prof John Knight)
> NYU (Prof Robert Dewar)
> Oakland, Michigan (Prof Janusz Laski)
> Northern Iowa (Prof John McCormick)
> Uni of Idaho (Prof Jim Alves Foss)
> Some others are considering SPARK for future courses,
> including Roger Williams Univerity, Perdue (CERIAS),
> and a few others.  Some links to course pages are at
> www.sparkada.com
> - Rod Chapman, SPARK Team, Praxis Critical Systems
This is very helpful information for Ada fans to know. But keep
in mind that the "Reid Report" has been maintained for a number of
years to show the language that is taught as the *first* language
- that is, the one used in the introductory "CS1-CS2" courses.

It's called the "Reid Report" after its originator, Prof. Richard
Reid of Michigan State Univ. When Dick Reid retired a few years
ago, the report went untended, until it was picked up by Prof.
Frances Van Scoy of West Virginia University.

Back to Rod's information above - I'm happy to see that SPARK is
being picked up in the universities, but I figure this is being
done in realtime or safety-critical courses where SPARK is most
appreciated, not in those freshman courses included in the Reid

Mike Feldman