AND LEARNING (ICDL2004)
              The Salk Institute
              October 20-23, 2004
             San Diego, California

The ICDL conference brings together leading researchers in
neuroscience, machine learning, robotics, and developmental
psychology. The goal is to gain new insights about learning and
development in biological and artificial systems that have to operate
autonomously in the physical and social world.  Below is a summary of
talks and conference activities. For more information please visit the
conference Web Site at

                           Wednesday October 20


Pietro Perona: Invited Talk.

Alex Pentland: Social Dynamics: The Voice of Power and Influence.
Leslie J. Carver: Neural correlates of social referencing.

Teresa Farroni, Mark H. Johnson, Gergely Csibra: The perception of
direct gaze in human infants.

Christof Teuscher, Jochen Triesch: To Care or Not to Care: Analyzing
the Caregiver in a Computational Gaze Following Framework.

Masato Ito and Jun Tani: Joint attention between a humanoid robot and
users in imitation game.

Katharina J. Rohlfing, Jannik Fritsch and Britta Wrede: Learning to
manipulate objects: A quantitative evaluation of Motionese.

                          Thursday October 21

Dana Ballard: Invited Talk.

Frederic Dandurand, Melissa Bowen, Thomas R. Shultz: Learning by
Imitation, Reinforcement and Verbal Rules in Problem Solving Tasks.

Patricia Zukow-Goldring and Michael Arbib: Caregivers and the
Education of the Mirror System

James B. Marshall, Douglas Blank, Lisa Meeden: An Emergent Framework
for Self-Motivation in Developmental Robotics.

Andrew G. Barto, Satinder Singh, Nuttapong Chentanez: Intrinsically
Motivated Learning of Hierarchical Collections of Skills.

Hidefumi Funakoshi, Wako Yoshida, Shin Ishii: An imaging study on
human action selection using hierarchical rules.

E. P. Kasten and P. K. McKinley: MESO: Perceptual Memory to Support
Online Learning in Adaptive Software.

Kaplan, F. and Oudeyer, P-Y.: Neuromodulation and open-ended

Jay McCLelland: Invited Talk.

Rutvik Desai: A Model of Frame and Verb Compliance in Language

Karl Pfleger: On-Line Cumulative Learning of Hierarchical Sparse

Chen Yu and Dana H. Ballard: A Unified Model of Early Word Learning:
Integrating Statistical and Social Cues.

Arturo E. Hernandez: On Language and Age of Acquisition.

Peter Ford Dominey, Jean-David Boucher: Developmental Stages of
Perception and Language Acquisition in a Physically Grounded Robot.

                            Friday October 22

Eric Courchesne: Invited Talk.

Matthew K Belmonte Simon Baron-Cohen: Small-world Network Properties
and the Emergence of Social Cognition: Evidence from Functional
Studies of Autism.

B.Wicker, B.Hubert, B.Gepner, C.Deruelle: The emotional brain in
autism : cerebral correlates of abnormal explicit processing of
emotional information.

Bill Greenough: Invited Talk.

Pawan Sinha: Project PRAKASH: Development of object perception
following long-term Visual deprivation.

Lingyun Zhang Garrison W. Cottrell: Four Blobs: "Y" or Face?

Andrew Lovett, Brian Scassellati: Using a Robot to Reexamine Looking
Time Experiments.

David Philipona, J. Kevin O'Regan, and Olivier J.-M. D. Coenen: Color
perception in sensorimotor theory, or what do we really perceive?

Jonathan Nelson, Gary Cottrell, Javier R. Movellan: Explaining Eye
Movements During Learning as an Active Sampling Process.

Karen Dobkins: Invited Talk

Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Koh Hosoda, and Minoru Asada: Cross-anchoring for
binding tactile and visual sensations via unique association through

Jeffrey L. Krichmar, Douglas A. Nitz, Gerald M. Edelman: Object
recognition, Adaptive Behavior and Learning in Brain-Based Devices.

Terrence Sejnowski: Invited Talk.

                          Saturday October 23

Development of  Hiking Abilities at Torrey Pines Park.
Development of Golf Skills at the Torrey Pines Golf Course.
Learning  to Paraglide at the Torrey Pines International Glideport.
Learning How To Surf at La Jolla Shores.
Learning  Ocean Kayaking at La Jolla Shores.