Welcome to the Team-Ada group therapy session #1

Suggestion #1:

A good article written not for academics or professionals, but to
newbies that are just getting in to or interested in programing in
general as to why Ada should be the language they embrace and learn
first (We all know not to learn Basic first ;-).

        Think, if you were a student, would you want to learn anything but
Java or C++ given the current marketplace.

        Most would rather learn almost any language in the world rather than
Ada, Cobol or Fortran....

Personally, I started by doing stuff like looking up on a chart of 8080
instructions and poking the values in memory using trs-80 basic after
converting from hex to decimal, but I am a certified freak who had
nothing better to do when all his friends had Apple and Comodores, and
was nine years old and not thinking about a job, the future, etc...
Other are another matter:

So, the AdaPower challenge for the night - Why should any one learn Ada
as their first language?

Lets go, whose in for a post :-)

David Botton

Love it or hate it, but be passionate about it! Nothing gets done when
you just don't care.
        -- David Botton