Jacob Sparre Andersen a écrit :
> David Botton wrote:
>>Ok #3 in our series of questions that will make their way
>>in to future articles, FAQs, etc.
>>Why would I want to use Ada for small projects?
> For all the same reasons as for large projects (minus those
> that are specific to large projects of course).
> I can't come up with any arguments for using Ada that are
> specific for small projects.
Well, I do have some...
I come to think that Ada is *more* appropriate for small, non critical
projects than for its traditional market.

If you have big, highly critical projects, you'll have the money to
spend time and run tools that prove that the project can't fail
irrespectively of the programming language. If you don't have the money,
then the added value of Ada's checks provides a much bigger added value.

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