IEEE VR2005 International Conference

Workshop: "Virtuality Structure:
Enabling Real Experiences Through Virtual Environments"
Workshop Date: Saturday, March 12  (Full day)
Location: Bonn, Germany
Submission Deadline: 21 January 2005

The aim of the workshop is to develop a big picture of media structures
which helps delivering 'touching' experiences through virtual
environments. The examined structures may descend from diverse fields
such as dialogue and drama, game and play, learning and training,
cognitive science and knowledge media, I/O hardware and toys, psychology
and human factors, planning and mobility, and others. Within the scope
of this workshop, what they have in common is that they help structuring
the design of interactive applications, particularly with virtual
reality technology, in order to deliver 'real' experiences. Applications
which benefit from these structures can be found in:

* Knowledge Media and E-Learning Environments
* Interactive Storytelling
* Computer Games and Simulations
* Digital Edutainment

Questions to ask shall be: What will be the technical requirements for
embedding these structures in VR applications? To what extent will Media
Convergence influence the developments in VR? Will Mobile VR be a vision
for the future? Can the combination of physical and virtual toys be
successful? Can Computer Games of the future be played in the great
outdoors? What structural prerequisites do we need to practise the Holodeck?

The workshop addresses a wide range of topics, therefore we also welcome
participants from a wide range of disciplines, e.g. HCI, VR hardware and
applications, designers, usability, entertainment, e-learning. They
should have a strong interdisciplinary interest in media design and
structure, and its coherences with technological prerequisites. They
should be prepared to participate actively during the workshop.

The full-day workshop agenda will include only a short time of stimulus
presentations, predominantly there will be working groups using an open
space style of discussion. Workshop participants will present selected
position statements, discuss research challenges, and define a roadmap
for future research.

Position papers are invited that address important and/or controversial
issues with respect to the scope of the workshop. They may include the
presentation of an example of a virtual or physical artifact (toy,
medium, game, hardware etc.), which represents either a preferred or an
undesirable “structure”. If possible, this artifact may be brought as an
illustrative example for discussion to the workshop.
Submissions should be 3-5 pages following the TCVG Publication format in
Quality PDF. For details please see The paper should include a
meaningful title, an abstract, the position statement, and a short
biography of the author(s). It should be sent by email directly to the
workshop organizers.

* 21 January 2005 - Position Paper Submission Deadline
*  4 February 2005 - Notification of acceptance
* 14 February 2005 - Deadline for Final Material to be includud on DVD
* 14 February 2005 - Workshop Registration Deadline for Presenters
* 12 March 2005 - Workshop on Virtuality Structures

Leonie Schäfer
EU Commission - DG Information Society - New Working Environments Unit
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Prof. Ulrike Spierling
FH Erfurt, University of Applied Sciences, Erfurt, Germany
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IEEE VR2005 Conference