On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 11:19:14AM -0500, Currie Colket wrote:


Paul's issue is also a concern. However, several of us have tested the
system out over the last couple of hours and the passwords do work."

Thank you for checking this. I have just checked again and it is still not 
working for me ... nor do other parts of the ACM website.

" Perhaps
you are using a bad member name"

Well, the same member name is receiving my emails which I get (except 
when the email forwarding server occassionally bounces them).

"Perhaps you are using a bad [..] password. [..]


Not impossible, but then https://campus.acm.org/public/accounts/Forgot.cfm 
should be able to provide me with the password but instead it summons
https://campus.acm.org/public/accounts/AskQuestion2.cfm which claims:

"The username that you provided was not found in our system. 
Please create an account."