ARTiSAN Software Tools will be conducting the following webinar on Tuesday
February 15.

"Maintaining Ada with UML" Tuesday, Feb 15

This webinar will cover the following topics: 

*Applying the UML for Ada and the ARTiSAN Ada Profile 

*Reverse Engineering Ada: 

This part of the webinar will cover the issues of Reverse Engineering for 
Ada Using Real-time Studio and demonstrate the ARTiSAN Ada Synchroniser. 

*Forward Generating Ada: 

This section covers the issues of the Forward Generation of Ada code - 

-- Starting with a simple "Hello World" 
-- A detailed example for Navigation Systems 
-- An example applying the Ada Ravenscar Profile 


The webinar lasts for about an hour and will run at the following times: 

* Tuesday February 15  - 10AM EST / 3PM GMT (4PM CET) 
* Tuesday February 15  - 1PM EST / 6PM GMT (7PM CET)

To register, please visit:

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