Andrew Berns ([log in to unmask]):

> For my undergraduate research project, I am doing a comparison of
> CORBA and Ada's Distributed Systems Annex for distributed computing. 
> I have been able to find plenty of information on CORBA from a C++ or
> Java perspective, but little about CORBA with Ada.  Also, I do not
> know where to look for good sources on using Ada's Distributed Systems
> Annex.  Does anybody have any suggestions on good places to start
> looking for this information?

You can take a look at

and review Glade User's Guide, there is one such discussion.

You can also review L. Pautet's bibliography

in particular papers from 1999

   Laurent Pautet, Thomas Quinot, and Samuel Tardieu. CORBA & DSA:
   Divorce or Marriage? In Proceedings of 4th International Conference
   on Reliable Software Conference, Santander, Spain, June
   1999. Springer Verlag.

   Fabien Azavant, Jean-Marie Cottin, Vincent Niebel, Laurent Pautet,
   Sébastien Ponce, Thomas Quinot, and Samuel Tardieu. CORBA and CORBA
   Services for DSA. In Proceedings of SIGAda'99. ACM Press, October

Hope this help