I'm delighted to announce the winners of SIGCHI's major annual awards.  Full
citations can be found on-line at http://www.sigchi.org/documents/awards/.

	SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award:

		Tom Landauer 

	SIGCHI Lifetime Service Awards:

		Gary Perlman
		Marilyn Mantei Tremaine
		Sara Bly
		Don Patterson
		John "Scooter" Morris 
	CHI Academy Inductees:

		Ron Baecker
		Susan Dumais
		John Gould
		Saul Greenberg
		Bonnie John
		Andrew Monk

Awards will be formally presented at CHI 2005 in Portland, Oregon.  (Early
registration ends Feb. 14th!)

I'd also like to express my thanks to Jim Foley for chairing the Awards
committee, to Mary Czerwinski for chairing the service awards committee, and
to the members of both committees.

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Joseph A. Konstan
President, ACM SIGCHI