Call for Papers

Computer-Support for Learning Communities: A Special Issue of the
Journal Behavior & Information Technology

Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: May, 30th, 2005
Review Feedback: July, 15th, 2005
Final Submission: September, 1st, 2005

Processes of collaborative learning are highly dynamic, socially
complex, and emergent. With regard to community-oriented educational
settings, the traditional role of teachers, tutors, and trainers change
basically, new didactical approaches and pedagogical competences are
necessary. The technological support of community learning needs an
integrated socio-technical perspective, taking socio-cultural processes
as well as technical infrastructures into account. The special issue of
BIT aims at overcoming the traditional perspective on individual and
group learning, focussing on community-based practice, shared histories
of learning, community-building (and collective identity-building), and
commonly-gained experiences.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the issue will focus on the
intersections and relationships between educational research and
computer science as applied within CSCL scenarios. Topics of the special
issue will include socio-cultural and related theories of community
learning, case studies and empirical research results, and design
requirements for the technological support of learning communities.

This special issue follows two workshops on community-based learning at
ICLS 2004 – 6th International Conference on Learning Sciences, June
22-26, 2004, Santa Monica, California, USA, and at CSCL 2005 –
International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning,
May 30 – June 4,2005, Taipei, Taiwan. Furthermore, a related
publication, a special issue of ACM SigGROUP Bulletin, appeared in the
end of 2004. This issue will continue this international scientific
discourse on community-based learning and technical support.

Relevant contribution topics include, but are not limited to:
- Contributions to theories of community-based learning and reflection
   on existing theories
- Didactical concepts and pedagogical approaches for community learning
- New challenges and roles of teachers, tutors, and trainers in
   community learning
- Communities of practice in educational settings
- Ethnography and case studies of diverse communities
- Evaluation methods of community-oriented educational settings in
   school and university
- Support for community building and the negotiation of shared meaning
- Technical support and infrastructures for learning communities
- Support for mobile learning, e-learning, and blended learning for

Guest Editors:
- Markus Rohde (University of Siegen and International Institute for
   Socio-Informatics (IISI), Bonn, Germany)
- Gerry Stahl (Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA)
- Volker Wulf (University of Siegen and Fraunhofer FIT, Germany)

Review Committee
- Sasha Barab, Univ of Indiana,USA
- Amy Bruckman, Georgia Tech., USA
- Robbin Chapman, MIT Media Lab, USA
- Jörg Haake, FernUni Hagen, Germany
- Marleen Huysman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
- Yasmin Kafai, UCLA, USA
- Ralf Klamma, RWTH Aachen, Germany
- Markus Klann, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany
- Michael Koch, Univ. Bremen, Germany
- Tim Koshmann, Southern Illinois Univ., USA
- Heinz Mandl, University of Munich, Germany
- Bernhard Nett, Fraunhofer FIT and IISI, Germany
- David W. Shaffer, University of Wisconsin, USA
- Marcus Specht, Fraunhofer FIT, Germany
- Dan Suthers, University of Hawai’i, USA

Contact for Information and Submission
Markus Rohde, Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI), Dorotheenstr. 76,
53111 Bonn, Germany, Fon: +49 228 601043, Telefax: +49 228 601053,
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