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CHI 2005 participants are invited to attend a SIG addressing human
interface issues in advanced control rooms. We encourage attendance by
both those with experience in control rooms as well as by those who are
interested in applying novel HCI technologies to assist in
safety-critical arenas.


Wednesday, April 6, 14:30-16:00, B115-B116

Industries including shipping, manufacturing, energy, transport,
communications, and defense operate with control rooms requiring high
levels of human-system interaction to monitor and control resources.
These interfaces often feature a combination of legacy controls that are
augmented with advanced technology. As such, these systems are poised
for substantial upgrades to transition to digitally dominated systems.
As industries transition to next-generation control rooms, the key
component of control room operations is still the human operator, who
must ultimately use the new technology. The goal of this SIG is to
highlight safety, performance, and regulatory issues associated with the
adoption of new control room technology, and to gain insights into novel
HCI technologies and applications for use in control rooms. These issues
serve as the crucial starting point for HCI research in next-generation
control room designs.

In order to help us tailor the SIG to meet audience interest, we are
especially interested in hearing from people in advance about their
relevant experiences and/or questions.

SIG Organizers:

Ronald L. Boring, Idaho National Laboratory, [log in to unmask]
Jacques Hugo, Pebble Bed Modular Reactor, [log in to unmask]
Christian M. Richard, Battelle Human Factors Transportation Center,
[log in to unmask] Donald D. Dudenhoeffer, Idaho National Laboratory,
[log in to unmask]