Invitation for Submissions to the
Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making Journal
Regular Track on "Design of Complex and Joint Systems"

Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making is a new, peer-reviewed, journal
devoted to research that seeks to understand how people engage in cognitive
work in real world settings and the development of systems that support that
work. The journal features three regular tracks:  Cognition in Context,
Studies in Simulations and Synthetic Environments, and Design of Complex and
Joint Cognitive Systems.  This call for papers is for the Design of Complex
and Joint Systems track.  More information on the journal can be found at:

The Design of Complex and Joint Systems track focuses on the process and
product of innovative design.  It seeks to provide a vehicle for
presentation of creative design research that has not traditionally had
natural outlets within the Human Factors and related communities.   Toward
this end we encourage papers that include links to companion electronic
media affording the ability to present material that are not well suited for
inclusion in traditional papers (e.g., dynamic depictions of design
concepts; video clips of user interactions that motivate the design or
illustrate its evaluation).

We seek research papers that are broadly relevant to design of innovative
systems.  This includes theories, methods and studies of design that
contribute to our understanding of how to design systems that more
effectively foster cognitive and collaborative work of individuals, teams
and organizations.

We also seek papers that present innovative design concepts and their
theoretical rationale.  The focus of these papers should be on description
of the design concepts, support rationale and design principles they embody.
Formal evaluation studies of the design concepts are not required.  Authors
are encouraged to include links to an electronic companion that would
provide dynamic illustrations of the design concept.

Papers that examine the role of Cognitive Engineering in the wider systems
design enterprise are also encouraged.  This includes papers that examine
the role of analysis, envisioning and evaluation within the broader context
of design.   We particularly solicit papers on topical themes such as the
role of scenarios in design, and the role of cognitive metrics in design and
evaluation.  The objective is to solicit papers that can provide the focal
point for additional shorter commentary papers reflecting on the core theme.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit brief descriptions of proposed
papers as well as preliminary draft materials for review and comment by the
track Editors prior to formal paper submittal.

Associate Editor: Emilie Roth [log in to unmask]
Associate Editor: Wayne Zachary [log in to unmask]
Editor: David Woods [log in to unmask]

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