I'm doing a usability study of software that a client currently sells in 
Europe. They're looking to sell it in the US now.

We've found some differences in expectations about how the user is 
addressed ("Welcome, Mr. Shubin" may be more common in other countries than 
here in the US) and in general terminology (saying that we'll send a file 
to you "in due course" doesn't work, because that phrase isn't common and 
may be taken to mean "when we get around to it").

Are Americans in more of a hurry, more critical, etc? (Or is it just that 
I'm from New York and that's *my* view of the world?) Have you found any 
differences in how Americans and Europeans react to software, or 
differences in their expectations? Got any good resources for me?

I'll collect & summarize the information I get, but write to the group if 
you have a topic for discussion.

thanks				-- hs

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Hal Shubin, Interaction Design, Inc.
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