Rick Duley <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> with Ada.Dynamic_Priorities; use Ada.Dynamic_Priorities;
> with System;                 use System;
> procedure Foo is
> begin  -- Foo
>    Set_Priority(Priority => Any_Priority'First);
>    . . .
> end Foo;
> does not work 

By "work" you mean it does not set the _process_ priority to what
Windows calls "Low".

However, what the Ada LRM says Priority means has to do with a
thread's priority _within_ a process, not the process priority itself.
So by that definition, it probably does "work".

> I must have something wrong in my coding for the use of Annex D because I
> believe that prioritisation was always supported by the Gnat Ada Compilers. 

GNAT supports thread (Ada task) priorities; it has no notion of
process priorities.

-- Stephe