I had replied to the original posting off-list.  My comment was that I
don't think many people beyond "specialists" know how to change the
font size in their web browser.  Casual testing and conversations
supports this, at least around the college where I have been working. 
We made a special effort to use scalable fonts on our web site, but I
think it is wasted due to people not knowing how to adjust them.  In
fact, we've seen a few instances where a person can't read our site
because their IE browser got set to "smallest" for the viewable text
size.  Surely they didn't really intend that, but it renders our font
too small for them while other web sites (with fixed sizes) look just

I think a better option may be to follow the Wired News or IHT model
of using a set of font sizes and providing an element on the web page
that lets users select among those size options.

--Weston Thompson
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On 6/18/05, Abbo Peterson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> On Jun 17.2005, at 14:07, Van Laan, Krista wrote:
> > What are people doing as far as allowing font size adjustments on
> > browser-based applications/portals?

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