Dear All,
we are really very happy for your warm reaction to our initiative. I would
like to inform you that a new newsgroup is fascilitating our
communication. You can join us at

From the 1st of September we will start three important formal discussions
that we would like to participate:

2. Publication Strategy of OPEN RESEARCH JOURNALS (Quality Assurance,
Review process, EB formation etc)
3. Finalization of EB and CFP of our first two journals the IJ of OPEN

Currently we are developing our web site at
and we hope that in the next month it will be fully functioning.

If you are interested in this initiative or the E(R)B of our two journals
feel free to contact me at [log in to unmask] / [log in to unmask]

Thank you once again for all and accept my apologies if these mails bother
some of you. We do believe that OPEN research is an one way road for a
better future. It is critical to extend the real meaning of OPEN RESEARCH.
To this direction my very best friend Amjorn Naeve from the Royal
Institute of Technology in Sweden has expressed many aspects and is one of
the most important contributors of our vision. Very soon i will ask him to
contribute to our debate. ( In a way this must be
done in combination with what i call Humanistic TechnoManagement. In
simple words it would be very interesting to see our society under the
general title OPEN SOCIETY which means that all of our efforts are
concentrated on actions that proove how technologies and research can be
applied for the common wealth. Think about a TECHNO-LEAD "GREENPEACE
like" OPEN SOCIETY which cultivates new social sensitive objectives. This
is for me a life time dream and objective and i think we can pursue it.
This means that we can establish national branches of this OPEN SOCIETY
and to go for worldwide actions through emerging technologies.

Imagine all the people...

Dr. Miltiadis D. Lytras
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Λύτρας Μιλτιάδης, Διαχείριση Γνώσης και Μάθησης, Εκδόσεις Παπασωτηρίου,
470 σελίδες,
Sampson D., Lytras M., Wagner G. and Diaz P., "Ontologies and the Semantic
Web for E-learning", Educational Technolgy and Society Journal,
Lytras M., Naeve A., Pouloudi N., "Knowledge Management Technologies for
E-learning", IJ of Distance Educational Technologies,

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