At 06:08 PM 3/24/2006, Mary Deaton wrote:

>It is too bad that the appellation is non-descript  - 2.0 implying only 
>that it is somehow newer and different. I am much more interested in how 
>user behavior is changing as the Web changes

I think it might be appropriate at present because afaik folks are still 
trying to figure out what to use it for. I know that's the case for me, 
having just completed my first Ajax app at all I do is harvest onblur 
javascript events to validate the data on the fly. Realizing how lame that 
is because there's really no point to even involving the server for 
virtually all those checks I added a whois query to the email validation to 
see if the domain exists. Imperfect but a start.

Now I'm thinking about a second go at this for a product of mine plan on 
releasing under the GNU PL and planning on also adding onfocus event 
handlers for providing context sensitive help info.

What is still unclear to me is how much of a need there is for server side 
intervention. Without that, Ajax isn't doing anything you couldn't just do 
on the client alone. Anxious to hear of others' experience with this.


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