Hi William,

> How do people feel about this Web 2.0 moniker? Is it useful? 

I'm not claiming new thought here, but my understanding is that Web 2.0
is a pretty amorphous term for some new things like AJAX and social

> I always thought of Web 2.0 as just the
> semantic web. Could we perhaps just say
> Web 2.0 = Semantic web [+ AJAX] ?

I don't think these are particularly related, see an interview with
I think he would have wanted Web 2.0 to be due to the semantic web, but
it has been applied to something else now.

Semantic web is largely to do with non-visible content being used across
resources, AJAX is generally about updating the current page without
re-loading it. (Taking narrow views on both to highlight differences.)

I've gotten used to "Asynchronous Javascript And Xml", it's even used by
non-developers now. (Although if you start talking about Flash and AJAX,
some people will take you for a cleaner ;)

Kind regards,


Alastair Campbell         |  Director of User Experience

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