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Hope to see you tonight at SRI,
Shahani Towfiq
BayCHI-Kids' Co-chair


  Wednesday, April 19, 2006.
  6.30PM Networking
  7PM Panel Presentation

  SRI International
  333 Ravenswood Avenue, Menlo Park
  International Building

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Experts believe students need to become fluent with information 
technology to gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts 
behind how technologies work and to acquire an ability to use 
technology tools to solve practical problems in different disciplines 
(National Research Council, 1999). However, little is known about how 
to identify and measure technological fluency. Further, girls express 
little interest in becoming technologically fluent or in pursuing IT 
careers (AAUW, 2000). Our panelists will describe how after-school 
programs and settings can provide innovative and motivating learning 
opportunities for girls to achieve technological fluency and to develop 
interest in IT careers. The panelists will relate research on girls' 
access to computers and the Internet, and then share specific research 
on three community-based programs. Panelists will then dialogue with 
the audience about how to support and assess technological fluency 
across learning contexts.

  Rebecca London, University of California, Santa Cruz
  Jill Denner, ETR Associates
  Deborah Kim Emery, Center for Technology in Learning at SRI 
  Melissa Koch, Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International