Here's a reminder for our meeting of the BayCHI Usability Engineering BOF / Bay Area UPA Chapter on Tuesday, May 16th. We also have 4 openings for the lab tour prior to the meeting--if you are interested, send your RSVP to Joanna Sim. See more details below.
We'll see you Tuesday!
Mary VanRiper, Emily Hebard, Kaaren Hanson

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We are pleased to announce that Emily Hebard and Joanna Sim will be presenting at our Tuesday, May 16th meeting of the BayCHI Usability Engineering BOF / Bay Area UPA Chapter. They will present about their experience using the  Morae Suite in their user research activities.
Snacks and socializing will begin at 7:00pm and our speakers will start at 7:30pm.  Our location will be at Intuit - 2550 Garcia Ave, Building 5, Mountain View. (See below for more information about the presentation, and a URL for directions to the meeting.)
Additionally, Joanna Sim will provide an Intuit Usability lab tour prior to the meeting, for the first 20 people who RSVP to Joanna Sim. (See the end of this announcement for more information about the lab tour.)
We hope to see you on Tuesday, May 16th!
Mary VanRiper, Emily Hebard, Kaaren Hanson
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Presentation Topic: Hello Morae, Farewell VHS!
Come learn about the benefits of using Morae, and learn how the different components of the Morae Suite can work together for your different research needs.

In early 2005, Intuit started using Morae from Techsmith to support usability and customer experience lab activities. Joanna Sim and Emily Hebard are user researchers at Intuit who currently use Morae to support their research. They will present an introduction to Morae's capabilities and will demonstrate how to use Morae through an interactive demo video. They will also discuss how to avoid common pitfalls, techniques for troubleshooting, and best practices to seamlessly adopt Morae at your user research facility.

The Morae Suite allows you to record high-quality digital video/audio of user research activities, automatically analyze data Morae captures (such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, window events), as well as create video clips for sharing and archiving.

Emily Hebard is a user researcher in Intuit's QuickBooks group. Prior to working in the usability field, Emily taught courses designed to introduce professionals and students to new technologies, including TechSmith's Camtasia software and video editing software.

Joanna Sim is a user researcher in Intuit's Customer Centered Development group. While Joanna was at the University of Toronto pursuing her bachelor's of applied science in Industrial Engineering, she developed a passion for human computer interaction is now pursuing her masters in Human Factors.
For directions to the meeting,  see:
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Intuit Usability Lab Tour:  6:30pm-7:15pm 
[Limited to the first 20 people to RSVP to Joanna Sim]

Intuit cares about their customers it is really important that customers can use their products effectively, confidently and efficiently. Researchers at Intuit regularly interact with their customers to ensure that products are easy to use. To meet growing user research requirements, Intuit has built world-class usability labs as part of their Usability Center. Today, they bring in about 100 people a month for research and they range from Accountants, to small business owners, to everyday people who just need to do their taxes. Join Joanna Sim, User Researcher with Intuit's Customer Centered Development for a comprehensive tour of the usability center. Find out what has been done and what goes on behind the glass today that make their labs optimal for usability testing.

The lab tour will be limited to the first 20 respondents. Please RSVP to [log in to unmask] to confirm your participation in the lab tour. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you with further instructions for the tour.

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