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UbiComp 2006 - The Eigth International Conference on Ubiquituous Computing

   Conference Date: 17. - 21.09.2006
   Conference Venue: Marriott Newport Beach, Orange County, California

   Hosted by:
   Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences 
   University of California, Irvine


The 14 UbiComp workshops will be held September 17-18 (Sunday and
Monday), the two days before the main conference. Most of the workshops
are one day long, with two of them spanning both days. More information
on the workshops is available at
http://www.ubicomp.org/ubicomp2006/conference_program/workshops/, which
includes links to the individual workshop sites.

The workshops generally require a position statement from each potential
participant. The workshop organizers will use these statements to decide
whom to invite to participate in the workshops. Position statements for
the workshops are generally due June 16, 2006, and should be submitted
to the relevant workshop organizers as per the instructions on their
respective Web pages

The workshops are:

Sunday Workshops
- Making Ubicomp Approachable: Interaction Design for Augmented Objects
  web site: http://ambient.media.mit.edu/approachable
  primary contact: approachable [at] media.mit.edu

- ECHISE 2006: Exploiting Context Histories in Smart Environments
  web site: http://echise.ipsi.fhg.de
  primary contact: thorsten.prante [at] ipsi.fhg.de
- Future Networked Interactive Media Systems and Services for the
  web site: http://www.sintef.no/ubicomp
  primary contact: [log in to unmask]
- New-Senior Communities: Enabling Older Users to Create and Share
  Self-Authored Multimedia Content
  web site: http://www.sintef.no/ubicomp
  primary contact: [log in to unmask]

- FUMCA 2006: System Support for Future Mobile Computing Applications
  web site: http://research.nokia.com/events/workshops/ubicomp2006/index.html
  primary contact: cristiano.di-flora [at] nokia.com
- TAMIS: Threat Scenarios and Models in Highly Dynamic Systems
  web site: www.telematik.uni-freiburg.de/tamis
  primary contact: lutz.lowis [at] iig.uni-freiburg.de

- Usable Ubiquitous Computing in Next-Generation Conference Rooms: Design,
  Evaluation, and Architecture
  web site: http://www.fxpal.com/UbiComp2006/
  primary contact: back [at] fxpal.com

Monday Workshops
- Pervasive Image Capture and Sharing
  web site: http://groups.sims.berkeley.edu/pics/
  primary contact: mirjana [at] yahoo-inc.com

- ubi-PCMM06: Personalized Context Modeling and Management for ubiComp
  web site: http://mase.itc.nagoya-u.ac.jp/ubiPCMM06/
  primary contact: jang [at] itc.nagoya-u.ac.jp
- Nurturant Technologies in the Domestic Environment: Feeling Comforted,
  Cared for, and Connected at Home
  web site: http://www2.parc.com/csl/members/aelliott/nurturance
  primary contact: aelliott [at] parc.com
- UbiHealth 2006: Pervasive Healthcare
  web site: http://www.pervasivehealthcare.dk/UbiHealth2006/
  primary contact: bardram [at] daimi.au.dk
- UbiSys: System Support for Ubiquitous Computing
  web site: http://www.magic.ubc.ca/ubisys/
  primary contact: rodger.lea [at] gmail.com

- Ubicomp and the City
  web site: http://remap.ucla.edu/ubicity06/
  primary contact: jburke [at] hypermedia.ucla.edu

Two Day Workshops (Both Days)
- Exurban Noir
  web site: http://drzaius.ics.uci.edu/meta/exurban-noir/
  primary contact: urbannoir [at] gmail.com
- Modern Mobile Scenario
  web site: http://www.mob173.com/ubicomp2006/
  primary contact: dana [at] elephantfactory.org

Michele Chang, Intel Research
John Krumm, Microsoft Research

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