Hawaii International Conference on Systems Science
http://www.hicss.hawaii.edu/hicss_40/   January 3-6, 2007

Session:  Emergency Preparedness Information Systems
June 15,  2006 Deadline to submit papers

	Any aspect of the planning, training, mitigation, detection,
alerting, response, recovery, and assessment  to emergencies related
to the  design, development, deployment, operation, or evaluation of
Emergency Preparedness and Management Information Systems are
appropriate for this minitrack.  The emphasis is on the tools and
functionality to aid the humans and/or agents involve in the total
system.  Equally welcome also are papers that focus on requirements
for this environment and/or the impact or relationship of such systems
to the behavior of the individuals or organizations involved.
	Papers that have a primary focus on the underlying technology or
hardware of computers, networks, sensors, mobile devices and their
improvements in such areas as throughput, accuracy, and security,
should be directed to other appropriate sessions.  An exception might
be any special purpose input/output device for users of such systems
that aid in meeting user requirements.

Tung Bui (primary contact)
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Murray Turoff
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Bartel Van de Walle
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HICSS 40 Tutorial and Workshop, Morning and Afternoon January 3, 2007
Teaching Emergency Management Information Systems
By Murray Turoff, [log in to unmask]

	This will be a combination tutorial (morning) and
participation-oriented workshop (afternoon) on the teaching of the
Design of Emergency Management Information Systems.  The primary
orientation will be on the requirements and user interface
considerations for the design of these systems and the incorporation
of Decision Support tools to service any aspect of the Emergency
Management process from the functions of planning through response and
	The style of the morning tutorial presentation will be a review of
the material used in a specific course, including some of the
assignments.  The current course is offered both as a face-to-face
course section integrated (blended) with a distance section.  The
workshop part will be open discussion and exploration of suggestions
for improving the content and assignments of such a course.
Participants who teach related design courses are invited to submit to
offer mini presentations consisting of up to six PowerPoint slides to
be incorporated into the materials and to provide a ten-minute
presentation at the workshop.
	Murray Turoff is Professor, Information Systems Department, New
Jersey Institute of Technology.  He is responsible for the design of
the first Emergency Management Information System in 1971 at the
Office of Emergency Preparedness in the Executive Offices of the
President (EMISARI).  It was used for the Wage Price Freeze and
numerous emergencies for a 15-year period.  Since 1973 Dr. Turoff has
been involved in R&D on Computer Mediated Communications tailored to
various different application areas.  In 2001 he turned his attention
back to the emergency management area and has been involved with
efforts to establish a professional community for R&D in Emergency
Management Information Systems.  More information is available at
http://is.njit.edu/turoff and http://iscram.org.  Or contact
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