I'm a newbie in ADA programming. I use GNAT / GPS on MS-Windows.
  Yesterday I tried to compile my 1st ADA programm "Hello World!". Unfortunately, I got the following error message:
    gnatmake -PC:/GNAT/bin/helloworld.gpr helloworld.adb -d 
    fatal error, run-time library not installed correctly
    cannot locate file system.ads
    gnatmake: *** make failed.
      process exited with status 4
Well, when I installed GNAT / GPS I affirmed the options suggested by the programm (for instance the folders ...) So, if the run-time library is not installed correctly - I can't help it: GNAT / GPS did install this library!
  I deinstalled GNAT / GSP, and I installed it again. I tried to compile my little program again. And I got the same error message.
  So, what can I do to make this strange GNAT / GPS compiler work?
  I would appreciate any hints, suggestions and recomendations.
  Thanks in advance!
  Have a nice weekend, Ben.

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