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I am glad to announce the publication of the International Journal of 
Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS) special section on Human-Computer 
Interaction Research in MIS. This special section is sponsored by AIS 
SIGHCI (http://sigs.aisnet.org/SIGHCI/) and comprises expansions of the 
best completed research papers from the HCI tracks at AMCIS 2005 and PACIS 
2005. Papers that successfully underwent the additional 2 rounds of review 
process following AMCIS/PACIS were published in this special section.

For more information on this special section and other special issues 
sponsored by SIGHCI, visit 

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
Special Section on HCI Research in MIS
September 2006, Vol. 64, No. 9


Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ping Zhang, Syracuse University
Scott McCoy, College of William & Mary
Mun Yi, University of South Carolina


0. Editorial: Human–computer interaction research in the management 
information systems discipline 
Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Ping Zhang, Scott McCoy, and Mun Yi

1. Weblog success: Exploring the role of technology
Helen S. Du and Christian Wagner

2. The effects of post-adoption beliefs on the expectation-confirmation 
model for information technology continuance 
James Y.L. Thong, Se-Joon Hong and Kar Yan Tam

3. Studying information seeking on the non-English Web: An experiment on a 
Spanish business Web portal 
Wingyan Chung


The guest editors thank the Editors-in-Chief, Enrico Motta and Susan 
Wiedenbeck, for their support in bringing this special section to 
fruition. We also thank Fred Kop, journal manager of IJHCS, for his help 
and support during the editorial process. We thank the reviewers for their 
timely and insightful reviews which enabled us to complete the two rounds 
of reviews within a relatively short time frame of six months! The 
reviewers for this special section are Diane Alonso, Hoon Cha, Hock Chuan 
Chan, Rick Downing, Andrea Everard, Stephanie Haas, Jon Heales, Traci 
Hess, Weiyin Hong, Yujong Hwang, Chuck Kacmar, Dan Kim, Hee-Woong Kim, 
Ruth King, Zoonky Lee, Chang Liu, Eleanor Loiacono, Nelson Massad, Terry 
Ryan, Hong Sheng, Heshan Sun, Chuan-Hoo Tan, Ron Thomson, Raul Trejo, and 
John Wells.

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