ISCRAM 2007 Special Session Call for Papers

The 4th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis 
Response and Management
Delft, the Netherlands, May 13-16 2007 

Susanne Jul ([log in to unmask]), Chair

That's all very well in practice, but it'll never work in theory!
-- Anonymous

A common conception is that communities of research produce theory, 
communities of practice produce practice, and each benefits 
automatically from the other. Unfortunately, theory and practice are all 
too often worlds apart. Researchers produce theory that is 
intellectually interesting but which does not address problems of 
practical interest, while practitioners expend time and effort in 
re-inventing ad hoc solutions to problems that are easily solved by 
application of theory. In the field of crisis response and management, 
delays in improving practice can cost lives, inflict suffering, and 
cause irreversible damage to natural and social systems. ISCRAM is 
committed to supporting intellectually important research on information 
systems for crisis response and management and related fields, 
regardless of its immediately apparent practical value. However, ISCRAM 
also recognizes a social responsibility to engage and nurture research 
that is grounded in the complex realities of practice, and which is 
aimed at identifying and addressing the critical needs of current practice.

This session is aimed at bringing the challenges and realities of 
working in actual critical situation management settings -- including 
crisis response and management, disaster management and humanitarian 
relief -- to the foreground. The goal is to enrich current research, 
expose new research problems, and suggest novel approaches to solutions. 
The session offers an opportunity for researchers and practitioners with 
hands-on experience to inform the next generation of research.

Some non-exhaustive examples of topics that could contribute to this 
session are:

 Methods for conducting research in critical situation management settings

 Challenges to conducting research in critical situation management 
settings, including difficulties of developing, deploying or evaluating 

 Observed novel or inventive uses of information systems in actual 
critical situation management settings

 Expected or unexpected results from developing, deploying or 
evaluating information systems in actual critical situation management 

 Failures of information systems in actual critical situation 
management settings, particularly failures due to assumptions that 
appear logically sound but which were inappropriate in practice

 Requirements for information systems design, development or 
deployment, derived from observations of actual critical situation 
management settings

"War" stories are encouraged, but observations and findings should be 
substantiated with direct evidence. Papers and presentations should 
focus on revealing the implications of such stories for research, 
design, development and deployment of information systems, rather than 
on the telling of the stories.

Type of contributions:

 We invite researchers from academia or research labs to present their 
research or research-in-progress papers. Prospective presenters submit a 
regular research (or research in progress) paper which will be reviewed 
according to the usual academic standards.

 We invite practitioners and researchers to present their practice or 
experiences in information systems development, use or needs. 
Prospective presenters submit a powerpoint presentation which will be 
reviewed according to standards of relevance and contents.

Please see for submission instructions: 

Important ISCRAM2007 Deadlines:

 Paper Submission Deadline: January 15, 2007
 Notification of acceptance: February 22, 2007
 Closing date Early Registration: March 1, 2007
 Final version submission deadline: March 15, 2007
 ISCRAM2007: May 13-16 2007

The ISCRAM Community is a worldwide community of researchers, scholars,
teachers, students, practitioners and policy makers interested or 
actively involved
in the subject of Information Systems for Crisis Response and 
Management. At its
annual international conference alternating between the US and Europe, the
ISCRAM Community gathers to present and discuss the latest research and
developments in this growing area during an interactive and stimulating 
3 day
program. The ISCRAM Community also organizes ISCRAM-CHINA, an annual
conference for ISCRAM research in China. All information on ISCRAM can be
found at 

A PDF flier for this special session can be found at: 

Session Chair:

Susanne Jul, PhD ([log in to unmask])
NRC Research Associate
Pacific Disaster Center
Kihei Maui HI USA 

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