Rick Duley wrote:
> The accusation is that Ada has no such collection (actually, most people 
> believe that OOP is impossible in Ada).

Most people believe lots of untrue things. Ada was the 1st 
internationally standardized programming language with support for 
programming by extension (which is mistakenly called OOP).

> I have downloaded CLAW which holds out promise for GUI work although it 
> lacks documentation.  Also, the current GNAT compiler is not listed 
> among its compatibilities.  GtkAda works but its implementation for 
> Windows appears to be something of an afterthought berining consequent 
> restrictions.  My experience of Booch components is that they are 
> subroutines rather than classes.

The complete CLAW is a pretty complete binding to the Win32 API. I take 
it that you are interested only in libraries that use tagged types. The 
container library for Ada 0X is such a beast.

Jeff Carter
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