On 16 Nov 2006, at 01:35, Rick Duley wrote:

> My experience of Booch components is that they are subroutines  
> rather than classes.

Even the Ada83 BCs were packages with private Container types and  
relevant operations; sound like classes to me. The Ada95 BCs use  
tagged types in their implementation but are still generics from the  
user's point of view.

Of course Java containers tend to rely on everything being an Object,  
which is much the same thing.

I don't use Java so don't know what it is that is OO about the  
typical use you describe. I suppose if you have an abstract type that  
provides basic functionality X (eg being a web server, or more likely  
being an HTTP_Response) you can extend it to provide exactly what  
your application needs. That's a powerful approach, don't know how  
many of us have used it.