Please join us at Intuit on Tuesday, February 20th at 7:00pm.   Joseph Selbie will present techniques to conduct Experience Design in Real Time.  For more details and directions, see:

7:00pm: Snacks & Socializing
7:30pm: Presentation

We look forward to seeing you there!

Jenny Gove, Kimberly Paluch, Sergio Paluch, Mary VanRiper, Emily Hebard & Kaaren Hanson
(BayCHI UE BOF and Bay Area UPA leaders)


Talk - Experience Design in Real Time


Doing your experience design in cross discipline workshops real time design will significantly speed up your time to completion cycle, greatly improve your final design and is a creative pleasure. Done poorly, design workshops can border on being nightmares. Done well, design workshops can be pure magic. You'll learn what you need to have done before the workshop, the ideal players to have at the workshop, how to conduct a multi-day workshop, what you will and won't get done in the workshop, and how to finish it all up when the workshop is over. The presentation will use an actual case study of a workshop as an example.

Bio - Joseph Selbie

Joseph Selbie is a founder and the CEO of Tristream. Founded in 1995, Tristream specializes in web-delivered application design. Extremely hands-on, Selbie's project roles include team lead, experience designer, business analyst, and workflow analyst. He is particularly adept at helping enterprises maximize the opportunity that new applications provide to increase productivity and ROI through improved workflow and usability. 

Joseph is the co-author of: Best Team Practices for Designing the User Strategy, User Experience, and User Interface for Web Applications ; by Joseph Selbie and Michael Coombs, Study Advisor: Jacob Nielsen. The book is the result of an 18 month long study conducted by Tristream into the best team practices for developing web applications. Companies studied include Nokia, KPMG and Cendant. 

Tristream's work for Cisco's "I-deal" enterprise application was recognized by Nielsen Norman Group in their "Top Ten Intranets of 2001."  Selbie has been a featured speaker at the Nielsen Norman Group's User Experience Conferences and recently trained Harvard University's application development teams. Tristream's web application design process at major enterprises such as Cisco, KPMG, Adaptec, and Cendant is at the leading edge of the merger of traditional software development and emerging Web development processes. 

Selbie is passionate and evangelical about experience design. His dream: one company, one interface a completely integrated web experience within a major company; public website, intranet, extranet, applications and customer interactions all through the same robust user interface.


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