EuroPLoP 2007
                      12th European Conference on
                     Pattern Languages of Programs
                             July 4-8, 2007
                   Irsee Monastery, Bavaria, Germany

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EuroPLoP is the premier European conference on patterns. The
conference offers a variety of tracks and workshops that allow you
to learn about patterns and to discuss with fellow enthusiasts. It is a 
unique venue to exchange knowledge about best practices and learn from 
other experts in various fields.


EuroPLoP discusses papers containing patterns or pattern languages as
well as experience reports and other papers related to the theory
and use of patterns. This year, we received a large number of 
submissions of which 35 papers have been accepted for writer's 
workshops. 8 additional papers will be discussed in a writing group.
This year's topic areas include:

      Patterns for Human Interaction
      Project Management and Team Interaction
      Teaching Software Development

      The Craft of Software Development
      Software Engineering
      Software Architecture
      Design of Object-Oriented Software
      Aspect-Oriented Software Development

      Domain-Specific Patterns
      Web Application Development and HCI
      Data Management
      Embedded Systems


Focus groups are free-format discussion groups or workshops which
bring together people who are interested in a challenging topic
related to patterns or proven practices. The following focus groups
will take place this year:

- Patterns for Versioning, Releases, and Distribution
   Organized by Klaus Marquardt and Kevlin Henney

- Complexity Management
   Organized by Klaus Marquardt, Lise Hvatum, and Dietmar Schütz

- Pattern Repositories
   Organized by Michael Weiss, Aliaksandr Birukou, and Paolo Giorgini

- Ajax -- The big new thing or the big new bubble?
   Organized by Andreas Rüping

- "That Works for Me!" - The role of context in the
   successful application of software development practices
   Organized by Andy Longshaw and Kevlin Henney

- Patterns for Finding your way into new Projects - quickly...
   Organized by Marina Haase


Program Chair: Lise B. Hvatum, [log in to unmask]
Conference Chair: Till Schuemmer, [log in to unmask]

For more information, please visit

Dr. Till Schuemmer

FernUniversitaet Hagen
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Cooperative Systems

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computer-mediated interaction:

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