Bryan Grubaugh wrote:
> I'm currently working on a form for a registration process.  On the form
> are 3 questions that, overall, are not required, but if you do choose to
> answer them, you have to answer them all.  I can use visual cues to show
> that they are "asked together", but am running into trouble about how to
> represent them as being "not required, but required if you choose to
> answer them."

If the form questions are numbered, you could label the
items in this group such as 6a, 6b, 6c to indicate
they must be answered together.

I wouldn't put the questions on a separate web page. To
show them as required, once one is answered, perhaps use
JavaScript to apply to the set whatever visual cue you're
already using to show required fields. Users could then
unanswer the one answered question if they decide not to
answer all three.


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