Am 04.07.2007 um 01:35 schrieb Jim Griesemer:

> I Concur with Joan. From my experience with section
> 508 conformance, it is important to make the links
> descriptive. People who use screen readers often
> listen to the entire page first and then tab from link
> to link. Identical "Read more" links are useless. As
> Joan suggested, I would go with Read more about
> [title].

If screen space usage is more important than seo you can take the  
best of both worlds:

use the "read more" link with a title-attribute that contains the  
unique description "read the full article about ..." or the like. You  
may even use the ">>" as most screenreaders will read the title text  
if one is given.

Seeing users will use the proximity and layout to instantly combine  
the linkt & the title while blind users get the neccessary  
information  read to them.


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