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CHI 2008 Workshop - Affect in HCI: Going Beyond the Individual

April 5, 2008
Florence, Italy

WORKSHOP WEBSITE: http://www.emotion-in-hci.net/chi08/


The measurement of affect in HCI research is a challenging and 
complex issue. Although a number of techniques for measuring affect 
have been developed, a systematic discussion of their effectiveness 
and applicability in different contexts remains lacking, especially 
in social contexts with multiple users. As computing shifts to 
increasingly collaborative and ubiquitous models, it is important to 
discuss affect measurement beyond the individual level.  This 
workshop will provide a forum where designers, practitioners, and 
researchers can 1) introduce novel methods of affect measurement 
that go beyond physiological and self-report measures, 2) advance 
our understanding of existing measurement methods and how they can 
be expanded, and 3) critically evaluate issues of affect measurement.

We welcome submissions that address our workshop theme.  Areas of 
interest include, but are not limited to:

Yours, mine or ours
- Is "group affect" merely a summary of individual group member 
affect or do we need measurement methods beyond the individual? How 
is affect transferred from one group member to another through 
emotional contagion, behavioral entrainment and interaction 
synchrony? How do we measure such transfer processes?

Implicit measures
- A method that overcomes many of the criticisms of self-report and 
physiological measures of affect measurement are implicit measures 
such as analysis of linguistic cues.  What other implicit measures 
can the HCI community utilize?

Objective and subjective measures
- In what contexts are objective measures of emotion and more 
subjective measures of emotion useful? Can there be a common ground 
between the two? A structured conversation between researchers using 
these different measures holds great promise for the community.

Mild emotions, mixed emotions and single emotions
- Majority of measurement techniques focus on single emotions or an 
umbrella of emotions generally referred to as positive or negative 
affect.  Is there measurement techniques that can measure subtle 
(low intensity) emotions or different emotions experienced 

Cross cultural applicability
- What are the cross-cultural issues associated with affect 
measurement?  Are there measurement techniques that can be 
reasonably applied across cultures?


Workshop submissions should be a maximum of 4 pages in length and 
formatted in the extended abstracts format (download template at 
Submissions should be sent as a PDF file by email to 
[log in to unmask]  Accepted submissions will be published in the 
workshop proceedings with an ISBN. We are in negotiations with 
Springer to publish an edited book with revised and longer versions 
of workshop submissions.


All accepted submissions will be posted to the web site, enabling 
preliminary exchanges among workshop participants before the 
conference. Participants will be instructed to create posters of 
their submissions for demonstration during the workshop.


Deadline for paper submissions: 3 October 2007, 5PM (PDT)
Notification of acceptance: 28 November, 2007.
Workshop: 5 April, 2008.


N. Sadat Shami, Cornell University, USA.
Jeffrey T. Hancock, Cornell University, USA.
Christian Peter, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany.
Michael Muller, IBM Research, USA.
Yanghee Kim, Utah State University, USA.
Regan Mandryk, University of Saskatchewan, Canada.

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