Dear usability experts and F/OSS developers,

If you are working in an open source project, we are inviting you to 
participate in a doctorate study that investigates how developers and 
HCI experts work in a distributed manner. You will be asked to answer 
a set of questions regarding F/OSS projects you take part in. Your 
participation in this survey will provide information that could 
be used to improve how HCI experts and developers interact in a 
F/OSS project.

Online survey takes only 15 minutes to complete and will allow us to
have an understanding of interaction patterns among project participants.

If you are a developer, click on:

If you are usability expert, click on:

in order to complete this short survey. Please circulate this email to your
friends and contacts so that we can have the widest possible feedback.

Note: demographic inputs of this study will be kept strictly confidential,
i.e your name and any other private data will not appear anywhere publicly.

Many thanks for your participation!


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