I am getting a new hip next week - and it isn't even Christmas<g>.
Consequently I am going to be without internet access for a week or so
(possibly the scariest part of the procedure).


Cindy Lu, who some of you might know from the CHI-WEB team, has kindly
volunteered to moderate CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS, CHI-RESOURCES and CHI-WEB in
my absence. Please help her to help you by posting to the appropriate


CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS                Academic resources and events

CHI-RESOURCES                               Commercial resources and
events (primarily aimed at usability practitioners)

CHI-WEB                                              Web usability and
user experience discussions (no announcements)


Also, a list that Cindy and I are not involved with that you might want
to use is:


CHI-JOBS                                             Job postings (none
of the above lists accepts these)


Cindy is available at [log in to unmask] but she will also receive
anything sent to the list addresses given below.


I will deal with subscription changes and anything else sent to the
-request addresses (CHI-WEB-request for example) when I am able. Please
do not send postings to the -request addresses. They should go directly
to the appropriate list address ([log in to unmask],
[log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask]). Cindy will then either
approve them or reply to ask for changes or to direct postings to a more
appropriate list.



William Hudson



PS - You can visit http://listserv.acm.org to view list archives and
manage subscriptions (you need to establish a password on your first
visit for the latter).

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