Please join us at the BayCHI Usability BOF / UPA January meeting at Intuit on January 15th at 6:00pm for socializing, and 6:30pm for our presentation. We will be learning how accessibility best practices can improve the experiences for all of our customers.

Jim Tobias, from Inclusive Technologies, will present: Accessibility - More Benefits Than You Think

Location: Intuit: 2550 Garcia Avenue - Building 5, Mountain View.

For more details and directions, see:

6:00pm: Snack and socializing
6:30pm: Presentation

We look forward to seeing you there!

Jenny Gove, Kaaren Hanson, Mary VanRiper
(BayCHI UE BOF and Bay Area UPA leaders)


Accessibility: More Benefits Than You Think

Product accessibility for people with disabilities is often seen as an isolated design consideration. However, it's more complicated than that: on the one hand, accessibility requires total integration into the design process; on the other hand, many accessibility features benefit all users. Good usability practices often overlap with accessibility practices. During this presentation, Jim will discuss how legal accessibility mandates can advance the cause of general usability, and how compliance with accessibility guidelines can increase usability for multiple user profiles. He will also discuss how the upcoming revisions to Sections 255 and 508 will drive accessibility, and demonstrate tools that help teams comply with not only the letter but also the spirit of these guidelines.

Jim Tobias has thirty years experience in technology and disability in both the public and private sectors. He began his career at Berkeley's Center for Independent Living, was a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Labs and Bellcore, and their principal liaison with the Baby Bells on accessibility, aging, and education. He is now President of Inclusive Technologies, a technology and marketing consulting firm for large information and communication technology companies.

Jim was appointed to the Access Board's Telecommunications Accessibility Advisory Committee responsible for drafting Section 255 regulations, and the FCC's Consumer/Disabilities Technical Advisory Committee. He was co-Chair of the Alliance for Telecom Industry Solutions's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Accessibility Forum. He is co-Chair of the Access Board's advisory committee developing new accessibility regulations for information and communication technologies.

Mr. Tobias and Inclusive Technologies have developed several accessibility projects: an innovative deaf relay service that integrated speech detection and text-to-speech; a network-based talking PIM for blind users; and a database-driven customized interface for voice mail and IVR accessibility.

Location: Intuit, Mountain View

2550 Garcia Ave, Building 5

Mountain View, CA, 94043


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