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		AVI 2008, Naples, Italy, May 28-30
		Tutorials (Naples, Italy, May 27, 2008)
		Workshops (Naples, Italy, May 31,2008)

This is to inform you that in conjunction with AVI 2008, two half-day
tutorials, T1 and T2, will be given on May 27, 2008 and two 1-day
workshops, W1 and W2, will be held on May 31, 2008:

Title: "Intelligent Visual Interfaces:  An Introduction"
Speaker: Mark Maybury http://itc.mitre.org
Email: maybury AT mitre DOT org
Date: May 27 2007 (Morning)

Title: "Haptics Interaction: Theory, Applications and Challenges"
Speaker: Andrea F. Abate http://www.unisa.it
Email: abate AT unisa DOT it
Date: May 27 2007 (Afternoon)

Title: "PPD 08: Workshop on designing multi-touch interaction techniques for
coupled public and private displays"
Chairs: S. Izadi, A. Quigley, S. Suibramanian
Email: aquigley AT ucd DOT ie
Date: May 31 2008

Title: "Multimodal interaction through haptic feedback (MITH)"
Chairs: M. De Marsico and G. Vitiello
Email: gvitiello AT unisa DOT it
Date: May 31 2008

Please, distribute this message to interested people.
See the AVI 2008 webpage (http://hci.uniroma1.it/avi2008/index.html) for
more details.

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