Dear Reader,
  My name is Greg Dunn and I am a PhD. student at the Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands and I am also affiliated with Philips Research in Eindhoven.
  I would like to invite you to participate in an online experiment I am conducting, which investigates the relation between music and personality. 
  The experiment requires you to complete a personality inventory online, as well as listen to various music clips and provide answers to questions regarding your opinion about these clips. The experiment takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete, but this can be done in sessions at your own convenience; once you've registered, it will save your progress with every page, so you can log out and continue where you left when you log back in.
  You can access the experiment at the following web address
  As a reward for participation, you will be provided with a detailed, professional-quality, personality report, as well as an opportunity to provide your email address and so receive a report on the results of the study once it is finished.
   The goal of my project is to attempt to create an adaptive music player based in part on personality characteristics and properties of music.  I need 240 participants to make this study work, so any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.
  Thank you for your time,
  Greg Dunn
  Principal Investigator

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