the link for saic radar sim is old and no longer correct.  Someone  
else grabbed it up for some reason.

correct link is


best jim

On Mar 20, 2008, at 7:05 PM, Michael Feldman wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> After several years of inactivity with the Ada project list, I've  
> started to maintain it actively again. I've put a revised version  
> online at
> http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~mfeldman/ada-project-summary.html
> I've changed the "look" a bit, added a few listings, changed the  
> order of the project groupings, and removed all the dead links  
> (without removing the associated listings). There aren't too many  
> links now, but I think they are all valid.
> Now I need your help. Please look at this long and interesting list,  
> and let me know if you have anything to add to it (or delete if  
> necessary). If you can provide a valid link for a project that  
> doesn't have one, that would be great.
> This list will best serve the community if its listings refer to  
> actual applications of Ada that are either fielded or under active  
> implementation. I don't want to pad the list with tools, compilers,  
> libraries, etc., but rather to respond to the question "who is  
> actually using Ada in industry?".
> If you are close enough to a project to know there's "Ada inside",  
> please let me hear from you. In the past, some listings have come  
> from "anonymous sources"; you can be assured of my discretion; I  
> always respect the confdentiality of my informants.
> As always, please help make this list as complete and accurate as  
> possible; it's good for all of us.
> Thanks very much in advance for your help and interest!
> Best regards,
> Michael Feldman
> Chairman, ACM SIGAda Education Working Group Professor Emeritus,  
> Department of Computer Science
> The George Washington University