Approximately how many inputs did you receive on the users of Ada ?? 
 There is a sense out there that Ada seems to be leaving the USA and Western Europe and
 Russia going strong. 
  thnx   Jon Prescott
> Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 14:22:07 -0400> From: [log in to unmask]> Subject: "Who's Using Ada" - April 2008 edition> To: [log in to unmask]> > Hi all,> > I've just put up the April edition of the Ada project catalog. Thank you all very much for the numerous additions and corrections; I think I've processed them all. I've also added internal links to make the catalog easier to navigate.> > As you can see from the description below, I've decided to stay with my original concept. I'm cataloging applications for as many domains as possible - with no preference for size, open-source vs. proprietary, military vs. non-military, etc. On the other hand, tools for use by software developers are catalogued quite well elsewhere and I do not wish to duplicate those efforts.> > Thanks again for your continued assistance!> > Mike Feldman> ------> "Who's Using Ada: Real-World Projects Powered by the Ada Programming Language"> http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~mfeldman/ada-project-summary.html> > What this is: This is the most comprehensive known catalog of systems, in operation or under active development, in which Ada is used at least to a significant degree.> > What this is not: This is not a catalog of Ada-oriented software tools, libraries, bindings, and the like. The emphasis here is on applications designed for some end-user community, not for software developers. There are many, many Ada developer artifacts, and several excellent developer-oriented catalogs, including the Ada Information Clearinghouse, AdaPower, and (especially for open-source projects) the Ada section of SourceForge; these catalogs are all actively maintained and it is unnecessary and undesirable for me to duplicate those efforts.> > The Ada community has much to gain from a comprehensive list like this; I need your help in maintaining it! Please e-mail additions or corrections to me -- including web links for the unlinked projects -- at the above address. I respect the confidentiality of my sources.> > Michael Feldman> 
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