Hi all,

"Who's Using Ada: Real-World Projects Powered by the Ada Programming Language"

I've just put up the June edition of the Ada project catalog. Thank you all very 
much for the numerous additions and corrections. The list of defense-related 
projects is longer than before, but other categories are also growing as people send me tips. I'm glad to see growth in the desktop apps group; I suspect there are more of those I haven't learned of yet.

I've decided to leave the previous editions online for comparison purposes. The basic link above will always point to the most recent; I've identified the older ones by adding a year and month to the file name. For example, May 2008 is

I'm still checking out some tips and possible links; they'll appear in the July edition, which will be delayed till mid-July because I'm traveling.

Have a good June; see you again in July.

Mike Feldman