Andrew Burnette wrote:
> Do people like the animate "page
> turning" format, where the online edition looks and acts exactly like the
> print?

Oh god no. Surely we've realized the error of this way. More to the 
point, surely no one on this list ever advocated for this.

I remember installing the Zinio reader and downloading my first 
magazine. It was also my last, as this alone caused me to uninstall.

Frankly, for my money, the Atlantic Monthly has always done the best job 
of translating it's print edition to online. Very long articles can be 
broken into multiple bits, but there's always a single page version for 
print available.

The Atlantic isn't 100% available online, which kind of drives me nuts, 
but I think they're still trying to make subscriptions work.

FWIW, I use RSS feeds to stay current, but only in Safari do I find they 
work. The passive indication of new content (numbers in brackets) works 
exceptionally well for me vs. the model of RSS as email (too intrusive) 
or Mozilla's Live Bookmarks (which provide no indication that any new 
content is present.) I consider this a personal preference, but would be 
curious to know what others thought of the various RSS viewing schemes.

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