Hello Hal,


I have done a fair amount of usability testing with online newspapers for
clients in Montreal (QC) (Cyberpresse.ca and Voir.ca).

The main findings were that users expected a clear combination of the print
and online established models.

Meaning that they expected to find both 1) “the equivalent of a front page”,
an established 3-tier information structure starting at the first level with
A) the big picture and large front line title with huge typo followed by a 3
lines max as text lead and B) a couple of thumbnails with titles at the
second level in bold and C) then a series of basic title lines…and at the
same time,

2) they expected a) news updates on an hour basis, b) selections based on
topics (e.g.; local news, IT, music, etc.) or suggested content such as
“most popular articles”, “related articles”, etc., typical of online media.


Also, even though not exactly what you were asking for but still related to
the newspapers’online and print formats comparison in the larger context of
ecommerce, this Google-commissioned research might be of interest to you.


Newspapers influence online research and purchases, according to new
research from  <http://www.cmswire.com/news/topic/google> Google. Also,
products were trusted more if seen in the newspaper as well as online. 






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