I wrote a paper while at ATG - an early enabler of dynamic web  
applications (including portals) - that outlines the process for  
creating sites using templates from the content and design standpoint.  
Some of it is specific to ATG software, but the vast majority relates  
to designing any large-scale site (and portal) using templates. http://www.nimblepartners.com/share/atg_design_process.pdf

When a final page deviates from a template on a dynamic site, the page  
doesn't "work." It  may or may not be able to pull in content from a  
database, depending on the nature of the deviation. If it can still  
function (pull the content and display it) the presentation will be  
inconsistent at best and unreadable at worst.

Thoughts regarding the usefulness of the paper are welcome.


Tania Schlatter

On Jul 31, 2008, at 9:42 AM, Devin M Sanera (RIT Student) wrote:

> I appreciate everyone's responses! For further study on my end, does  
> anyone know of articles or books that specifically deal with web  
> templates and content creation? The specific topic I'm looking at is  
> related to web portals, but general papers would be equally helpful.  
> Thanks again to everyone who replied!
> -Devin Sanera

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