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I am pleased to announce the publication of Volume 2, Issue 3 of the 
International Journal of Design. All contents are freely available online. You 
can read, download, or forward these articles to your colleagues. 

We sincerely invite you to submit your best work to the International Journal 
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International Journal of Design 
Vol. 2(3) December 2008 | Table of Contents 

Original Articles 

Consumer-Product Attachment: Measurement and Design Implications 
Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein, Elly P.H. Zwartkruis-Pelgrim 

Representing Artefacts as Media: Modelling the Relationship Between Designer 
Intent and Consumer Experience 
Nathan Crilly, Anja Maier, P John Clarkson 

Cinematographic Techniques in Architectural Animations and Their Effects on 
Viewers' Judgment 
Eui-Jee Hah, Peter Schmutz, Alexandre Nicolas Tuch, Doris Agotai, Martin 
Wiedmer, Klaus Opwis 

Cross-Functional Cooperation with Design Teams in New Product Development 
Bo Young Kim , Bum-Kyu Kang 

Design Case Studies

Switch! Energy Ecologies in Everyday Life 
Ramia Mazé , Johan Redström 


Why Do We Need Doctoral Study in Design? 
Meredith Davis  

Acknowledgement of Reviewers 

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